Why Drac Sucks

September 18, 2009

-He’s a vampire. (Vampires suck. Nuff said.)

-Technically, he does suck, because like Frank said, he sucks blood. Drac truly sucks.

-He posts blogs telling people all about how much he rocks. But he’s lying.

-He puts down people.

-It is just a known trusim at Monster School.


Reasons I Rock

September 18, 2009

I decided to use this blog anyway, because it can help me display how much I rock compared to all of you suckers!

-I’m a vampire. (Vampires always rock. Nuff said.)

-I don’t smell. (Like ¬†werewolves do.)

-I’m the son of the great-great-grandson of Dracula. (And soon to replace him as Best Vampire Ever.

-My dad’s also the Best Vampire Ever. (Like I said above. But soon I’m gonna replace the old man!)

-I’m not a geek. (Like Sammy.)

-I’m not wimpy. (Like Griffin.)

-I’m so cool! Like, I suck people’s blood! While all you other dweebs are busy smelling and looking ugly.

-I look good. (Compared to everyone I know.)

-I rock. (It’s true.)

Welcome to our Blog, Fellow Students!

September 17, 2009

Our staff talked it over, and we decided that a blog was the perfect thing for Eichen School for the Abnormally Unique! We never want you to feel like a misfit, and on the Internet, no one will be able to judge you on what you look like, or if you’re a little different!

However, there will be know obscene posts or cyber-buling. If you do so, Principal Deff will have to suspend you from weblog usage and have a serious talk. 

Otherwise, have fun! Express yourself! Don’t be shy! You fit in now!


The Faculty of Eichen School For the Abnormally Unique